Georgia's fave statements are the FRED, and she is inspired by strong women like Jacinda Ardern and Natasha Beyersdorf. 

In this profile, a part of our new profile series 'STATEMENT' we sit down with Georgia for a chat on all things earrings and how she feels like an empowered woman when she wears them.


Favourite pair of Fred & Gingers?
FRED! I also love the Green Envy Statements.
What have you got your eye on at the moment at Fred & Ginger?
I’m void of a black and/or red pair of earrings in my collection, so my next purchases would probably be Gold Moon Statements or Chandelier Statement reds.
I have also been loving the maker Monday designs.
Have you had any compliments? What’s the best one you have received?
I always have people, mostly at shops, commenting on my Fred and Ginger earrings. It’s usually “WOW! I love your earrings!” or a common one is “Your earrings are gorgeous, where did you get them.” (Of course I always name drop). I think the main thing is, I never go a day wearing a pair, without someone noticing and commenting.
How do you feel when you wear them?
I feel confident and glamorous in my Fred and Ginger earrings. My personal branding (if that’s even a thing) has become statement earrings. I think you can jazz up any outfit with a good accessory.
Words of wisdom/favourite quote?
"Sometimes you will feel like a candle in a dark dim room.
There are other people in the room but they haven’t lit their candle because they’re too scared to stand out.
Rather they are trying to blow out your flame. Don’t be afraid to be that shining candle.
But also remember, somewhere, at some time you will find your tribe of lit candles.
You will eventually be in another room where you are still a candle shining as brightly as you were before, only this time the whole room is sparkling and is so bright, you’ll be confident enough to be who you are.
Find your candles."
Who inspires you right now?
Jacinda Ardern
Natasha Beyersdorf
Kerryn Scully
All fierce females who aren’t afraid to be a shining candle. They persevere. And a woman who is bold and confident is always wearing a pair of statement earrings.