Opal Mini Statement

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Opal Mini Statement
Opal Mini Statement
Opal Mini Statement

Our new collection features a very special Opal acrylic complete with milky tones, silver foil and specs of green and blue.

This acrylic is a wonderful neutral to go with any outfit. Pair with all black for a head-turning look, or wear casually with stripes and denim. No matter what - it all works.

With our 'Mini Statement' piece, we have been deliberate in its size. Resisting our urge to be big and bold, we have opted for refined and delicate. The piece is perfect for an evening or formal occasion or a corporate office. 

The stud which the earring post is glued to measures approximately 15mm. The entire earring hangs approximately 55mm and 25mm wide.

Made from light weight acrylic with stainless steel, hypo allergenic fixtures. We do recommend wiping post with an antibacterial wipe before wearing.

All acrylic pieces are laser cut in Brisbane, Queensland and assembled in Melbourne, Victoria.

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