Confidence, Creativity and Connection

At Fred & Ginger, we celebrate the confidence and connection of women through a creative and diverse range of statement earrings.

We know that you are not the same you from a month ago. You have grown, you have learned, you have laughed (and probably cried) and you have lived. 


We know this is the same when it comes to style - some weeks you’re a winged eye liner kind of girl with sassy statement earrings to match. Others, it’s a messy bun, favourite hoodie and sentimental studs that are your go-to. Or you might be the consciously consistent style-type, effortlessly chic - a deliberate minimalist. Above all you're creative - and you look to styles that bring you confidence.


We understand so deeply the emotional ups and downs of being a woman and the energy that goes into ‘getting ready’ each and every day. That’s why we have created a brand that is truly there for you. On the highest of highs when you’re getting all dressed up for that special event you’ve been planning for weeks.


These moments are wonderful and it is a privilege that our statement pieces get to share in a small part of that, dangling from your lobes, listening in on some of life’s most magical moments. We are also there when you need a pep in your step after a hard couple of weeks – things aren’t going your way and the only thing that is getting you through is caffeine and glitter earrings.


At Fred & Ginger, we hear you, we see you and we are there for you. We pride ourselves on elevating outfits through our colourful and bright statement earrings - empowering the women who wear our pieces to find their confidence and make a statement.


Our pieces are for the moments where we connect. Celebrations where we appreciate and love - whether with our girl gang, our mums, our sisters, our colleagues, our neighbours, our new friends or our oldest friends – our statements are at the heart of it all, connecting you to one another.

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