In 2021, we're reducing and reusing

 Maker's Monday
This year we're helping you start your week off on the right foot with MAKER'S MONDAY.
Small-batch, one-off statement earrings - FOR LESS.
You see, in an effort to reduce and reuse we've been Marie Kondo-ing the studio and clearing out our acrylic left overs, cut-outs and ordering mis-haps (whoops).
Instead of these going to landfill, we're getting creative and bringing you some new and different designs. 

As part of MAKER'S MONDAY, we'll release one design every Monday and sell until 'SOLD OUT'. Each piece will be under $20 (some a lot less depending on size, shape and acrylic used) using the same quality acrylic and stainless steel + hypoallergenic posts and backs. 

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 Monday 11 Jan